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:: Star Fox Adventures ::

So what's Star Fox Adventures all about?
Star Fox Adventures is what you get when you cross Star Fox with Zelda - it's a huge 3D adventure developed by Rare for the GameCube (it was infact Rare's last GameCube game). Several years after the defeat of Andross, players take the role of Fox McCloud as he undertakes a mission to free Dinosaur Planet from the evil General Scales. Star Fox Adventures is the first game in the series where Fox can be controlled outside his spaceship.

Star Fox Adventures Features:
  • Step outside the Arwing for the first time and explore a fantastic 3D world.
  • Battle enemies using the game's targetting system.
  • Fight huge bosses both on foot and in the Arwing.
  • Fox McCloud's new weapon is a mystical staff - learn its secrets and cast spells.
  • Fight through space in the Arwing.
  • Witness exceptionally advanced graphics: shimmering water, real-time lighting, and a polished facial animation system.
  • Listen to the atmospherical background music, and character voice-overs.

More Game Information:
Cheats and Codes
Star Fox Adventures Music / Soundtrack

Star Fox Adventures Release Dates:
North America: September 22nd, 2002
Europe: November 22nd, 2002
Japan: September 27th, 2002

Star Fox Adventures Box Art:

Star Fox Adventures Box Art

Star Fox Adventures Screenshots: (Courtesy of GameSpy Cube)

Star Fox Adventures Star Fox Adventures Star Fox Adventures

- Click here to view some more Star Fox Adventures screenshots.

Star Fox Adventures Reviews:
  • GameSpy Cube - "Ultimately, Rare has made yet another impressive and meticulously designed game. It's perfect for kids, but older gamers will wish the gameplay had a bit more depth."
  • IGN Cube - "Star Fox Adventures arrives as a truly excellent 3D action-adventure for GameCube owners. It's a clear Zelda rip, and not quite as good, but that's okay in my book as Rare has still done a pretty good job of it."
  • The Armchair Empire - "Rent or buy - it's a definite must play."
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Star Fox Adventures Guides:

Random Fact:


If the original SNES Star Fox was ported to the GBA, would you buy it?

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