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:: Star Fox: Assault ::

Star Fox: Assault Information:
Star Fox: Assault is the GameCube's latest Star Fox game, developed by Namco. Star Fox Adventures didn't live up the expectations of several "hardcore" Star Fox fans, as it was more like a Zelda game rather than the usual Arwing experience. Many fans hoped that Star Fox: Assault would go back to the series' roots but in glorious GameCube 3D - it did just that. Featuring a combination of flying and foot work spread across 10 levels, it's time to take Fox McCloud, Slippy Toad, Krystal and Falco Lombardi to the skies again (and when you're done with all that, fight it out in multiplayer)!

Previously Known As:
While in production, Star Fox: Assault went through several name changes, the first name being Star Fox Armada. This was later changed to StarFox 2, before the final name was confirmed to be Star Fox: Assault.

More Game Information:
Cheats and Codes
Star Fox: Assault Music / Soundtrack

Star Fox: Assault Release Dates:
North America: February 15th, 2005
Europe: April 29th, 2005
Japan: February 24th, 2005

Star Fox: Assault Box Art:

Star Fox: Assault Box Art

Star Fox: Assault Screenshots: (Courtesy of GameSpy Cube)

Star Fox: Assault Star Fox: Assault Star Fox: Assault

- Click here to view some more Star Fox: Assault screenshots.

Star Fox: Assault Reviews:
  • GameSpy Cube - "The not-so-good parts (the foot missions) aren't bad enough to weigh the entire package down, but the excellent bits (the flying chunks) just aren't enough to counter the rest."
  • GameSpot - "Star Fox: Assault has its moments, though it often feels like a missed opportunity."
  • Nintendo Now - "Overall, the gameplay itself is great, and leaves nothing to be desired."
  • eToychest - "Star Fox : Assault is a game any self-respecting GameCube owner should at least rent."
  • IGN Cube - "Assault is a great rental, especially for Star Fox fans. But I wouldn't recommend buying this game because it fails to deliver either a mind-blowing experience or a long one."
  • Thunderbolt Games - "Both longtime Star Fox fans and newcomers alike would do well to sink their vulpine teeth into this action-packed gem."
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Random Fact:


If the original SNES Star Fox was ported to the GBA, would you buy it?

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