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The Mailbag is done every weekend by Lylat Wars' Staff Writer, CM "Krunchy" Sturdy.

::The Mailbag Archive::

Lemony Fresh Madness
Mailbag for Nov. 2, 2002.

Hey everyone! I'm Krunchy, the mailbag guy here at Lylat Wars....I hope to make my stay a long and fruitful one. This is my first mailbag, so I'd appreciate any feedback you could give me. And with that said...Our first letter!

Hey Krunchy!
How does it feel to be part of 'Lylat Wars' (especially when you're working with ol' The Almighty Narf)? 'Lylat Wars' is a great site already,I sure hope it grows bigger in the future...
Hey!Did you know I recently heard some rumours that Nintendo did finish StarFox 2,and the only reason it was not released because it was delayed too much,that eventually the release date was close to that of StarFox 64 that Nintendo thought that the game would give the Nintendo 64 version a bad image.Anyway,it was a rumour I heard and is not to be taken seriously...
Here are some questions:

1-Can 'Lylat Wars' do a section on each and every character bio?I really want to know more about Katt and Bill...
2-Do you think the person who did the voice act for Fox in StarFox 64 was the same guy who did it for StarFox Adventures?
3-It seems that the Arwing model design always changes in every game.Why is that?
4-Is it possible for 'Lylat Wars' to open a mp3 section based on StarFox music?
5-Could Katt appear in the next StarFox game by Konami (IGN claims that the title is StarFox Armada)?Man...Konami make the best war based games I ever seen!
6-Does FartRippple help you much?

I guess this is all for now...

Hope(N Forever)

Well, I have to say it feels pretty dang keen. I've loved SF since the first one came out many moons ago and when the chance to work on this site came up...I just had to jump at the chance! I had not heard that rumor about SF2...but my guess would be that it is false. If anyone out there in TV land has any info, send it to me and I'll stick it in the next mailbag. Onto the questions!

1- I'm not in charge of the site content, really. raiderfox would be the one to talk to for that sort of thing. I, personally, think it would be a pretty good idea.

2- I honestly have no clue on this...Haven't really heard one way or the other.

3- Look at it like this: The Arwing is an ever evolving design, just like many of the war ships in our own world. As new advances come along, they will add them to the Arwing, making it look different.

I'm really not sure this proves anything other than the fact that I think waaaaay too much about things like this.

4- See answer to question 1.

5- Katt might make an appearance in the next game, I really don't have any info on the subject...Although, I'm personally pushing for a reappearance of Bill the dog....

6- FartRipple writes the articles for the site...he doesn't have anything to do with the mailbag, really. If you mean as in 'help the site', then the answer is a definite yes! He writes his articles while I just hide behind my little weekly column here...

Well, that's it for the letters this week. Only one...send more next time! I'll actually be able to write a decent mailbag! Here's something to write letters about for the next...a kind of 'Question of the Week' thingy.

-What's your favorite vehicle from the SF games?

Brand Spanking New, with More Spank!
Mailbag for 11/8/02

That time of the week again...Mailbag! We've actually got some mail this week...don't forget to send more! Onto the mail!

Hello Krunchy!

I thought I might provide what info I know about the canceled release of Star Fox 2 on SNES. I don't have a photographic memory, though, so don't take this as 100% accurate.

Anyway, I don't know if you've ever heard of Dan Owsen. He works for Nintendo Power magazine (at least, I think he still does). He also provided most, if not all, of the voices for the SNES Star Fox. A few years back in the chat room, he happened to be online, and I asked him about Star Fox 2. As I recall, he said it was completed, but it was not released due to low evaluations (I presume from game testers). He, himself, however said he thought it was pretty decent.

I can kind of believe it considering that Nintendo used an evaluation process in the early days to force third parties to make their games as good as possible (rejecting games that didn't achieve a high enough score). However, it's odd that Nintendo would turn down one of its own games.


I, actually, have heard the same rumor, but never had an 'official' like Owsen back it it a little more validation. SF2 has always been one of Nintendo's bigger mysteries...and unless they actually come up front about it, I don't think we'll get much more than speculation.

Hello Krunchy

How are you gettin' along with 'Lylat Wars'?Doin' much?Hey!Get this little factoid:Way back in 1992-3,the developers of the Super FX-chip decided to test out their chip's capabilities on the Super Nintendo/Super Famicom format (since it was the most powerful console at that time),Nintendo® then started the project by producing a sample game with four polygonal fighter-jet planes,buildings,and other crafts on land and in the air which were targets for the fighter-jets!After seeing the chip's success on the sample game,Nintendo® later decided that the game was good for the taking on their format!They took the game back to development,added a few more levels,textures,sounds,music,and a decent storyline about anthropomorphic creatures in this futuristic so-called game.Thus,before the end of 1993,Nintendo® released the one and only StarFox™ game on their Super Nintendo/Super Famicom,which used the capabilities of the Super FX-chip which showed off three-dimensional graphics and special effects never seen on any other game before!

That's what gave success to StarFox™,and the introduction to both the Super FX-chip and the brand new StarFox series!

Now,unto the questions;
1-Who really developed the original StarFox™?Argonaut Software™ or Nintendo®?
2-Who is (or was) the creator of the StarFox series?I once thought it was Shigeru Miyamoto,now I'm not so sure...
3-Do you think all of the planets from the Lylat System will reappear in the next StarFox game?I like to see Titania again;although I never actually reached it in StarFox™,it was alot of fun rescuing Slippy from it in StarFox™ 64!Man,it was sooooo creepy!
4-It seems Zoness is 100% water,like Aquas.If that is true,where does Katt live?
5-Is Fara Pheonix a true Nintendo character,or just a support character that appeared in a StarFox comic?I've seen lots of people on the internet say that they're convined that Fox has a girlfriend called Fara;I just wanted to make sure...
6-Could anyone on the 'Lylat Wars' write a section based on Fox McCloud's origin in a full story format?
7-Do you think that General Pepper is a mysterious person?I mean,what's his life story?
8-TEASER QUESTION!:If Nintendo® ever sold their StarFox ©opyrights to another video-game company,WHICH COMPANY WOULD THAT BE?
"Question of the Week"
-My answer is the Landmaster,because it was really fun how this state-of-art vehicle moves and rolls around,unlike real-life tanks which are really slow...
That's all for now,Krunchy
Hope(N Forever)

I'm getting along pretty good here...I really couldn't have found a better bunch of guys to work with here. I just write my little mailbag the occasional poll there...and, basically, maintain my image of 'Crazy Mountain Man'. Onto those questions! Ho!

1- I am going to assume here that Argonaut was the developer for the game and Nintendo was the publisher...Much like Rare did with SFA.

2- The Star Fox series is the brainchild of Miyamoto, much like the Mario and Zelda series. See, I do know some useful information...

3- I think they would be fools not to use the whole world they have created...I suspect that most, if not all, the original planets from SF and SF64 will be used, as well as some new ones made just for the upcoming game.

4- I think I actually remember reading something about this...I believe that Zoness has several floating cities above the water line. I'm probably wrong about that, though, but if not, I'd imagine Kat is from one of those cities.

5- I'm gonna go out on a limb here and saw that Fara is just a 'support character' from the comics. Although, I'd love for Nintendo to put me wrong and bring here in the next game.

6- As mentioned last week...I'm not in charge of content here at LW...Contact raider for suggestions about that sort of thing.

7- I have confession to might clear up a bit on Peppers background...I am actually...the illegitamate son of General Pepper.

8- I'm gonna say Namco, as they are currently making the new SF game. I WOULD have said Rare...but recent developments have nixed that.

For the record...Landmasters my favorite, as well. Although, I am partial to the rocketlaunchers in SF64 multplayer....

That's it for today, wombats. I'll be back next week, same Krunchy time, same Krunchy station.

Question of the Week: What's your favorite planet from the SF series?


Saved by Zero
Mailbag for 11/16/02

Almost didn't get a mailbag this week...I was just about to send in a message telling raider that I wouldn't get an article in this week...and woop. This letter came in.

Hello Krunchy

How does it feel to write a bit more often than FartRipple?I never seen another article ever since last month...
You know,I think I know the true reason why Falco was left out of StarFox® Adventures™!
You know how RareWare™ intalled an amazing feature of furriness on charaters like Fox and Krystal?Well,since Falco has feathers instead of fur,RareWare™ thought to reduce production costs and time consumption by removing him from the game's story and using an excuse that he "had gone on a solo adventure".It is known each of any feather is bigger and more texturized than any fur,and RareWare™ were too lazy or did not have time to animate feathers so they cancelled Falco out of the game!Do you have any other ideas,hmmm?Looks like I'll have to kill RareWare™ because they are working in a much better state with Microsoft™ than they ever did with Nintendo®!
Here are this week's questions:
1-Andross is in StarFox® Adventures™!?But they say that its story is eight years after they last defeated him in StarFox™ 64!Surely they couldn't have eight years of peace in the Lylat System like that,or could they?
2-Y'know Tricky,the little Triceratops who follows Fox around in StarFox® Adventures™?I was wondering if he had a relation with another Triceratops also called Tricky,who was the boss of the first level in Diddy Kong Racing™ (a game developed and published by RareWare™).Does he?
3-I once heard if you get a medal on Venom (either 1 or 2) at Expert Mode in StarFox™ 64,you get a third fighting option in Multiplayer Mode:Arwing,Landmaster,and on foot!I never tried it myself,but is it true that you can fight with other people on foot!?
4-Have you ever noticed there are other cameo appearances of StarFox other than the Smash Bro.s Series?Like in Super Mario RPG™,I remember seeing a plane model somewhere,it looked soooo much like an Arwing!Pokémon Stadium™,I remember seeing on the room's television a sort of sreenshot of StarFox™ 64.I think their are lots of other cameos as well...
5-Can you ask raiderfox88 about doing a cheats,tips,etc. page for all the StarFox games?
6-Have you noticed
Welp, as for getting more articles in then's two completely different things. I do mine once a week while Fart has to think of a new article each time he does job is MUCH easier. I don't envy Fart in the least, in that aspect. I have nothing but the highest respect for all of my co-workers.

As for why Falco was not in SFA...According to Rare he went on a 'solo mission' and left the guess is that the next SF game is not going to be a Star Fox game, but more along the lines of a Star Falcon game. Might be wrong on some of that...but eh. If I get 75% of the information in one of these right, I'm doing good.

1- One word: Biding his time. Well, that's three, but you know what I mean.
2- Yar...that's what I thought, too. It just might be that Rare likes to name Tri-tops that. I dunno how those guys work....I mean, look who they went to work for?
3- Yar...'tis true. Get the medal in expert mode, and you get to play multi-player on foot....with rocket launchers. It's great fun, in my opinion.
4- Nintendo likes to 'cross-over' their characters in ways like that...There's several different ones from other games. If anyone out there in TV land knows of any other SF ones, send 'em in.
5- I'll see: Hey raider! How about doing a cheats, tips, etc. page for all the StarFox games?

[At the moment I've got my hands tied, which is pretty much why there hasn't been much except for the news feed. I'll look into that suggestion as soon as I get these other things out of the way. --raiderfox88]

6- Yes...I have noticed that. But don't worry. It's on purpose.

Welp....Krunchy out. And since no-one replied to last weeks question, it still stands.
Which one of the planets from the SF games is your favorite?


Does everything taste like chicken, or does chicken taste like everything?
Mailbag for 11/23/02

It's that time again...time for me to answer my sole e-mail from the same person...Mail me or the beatings will begin!

Hello Krunchy
Saaaaaay,is it just me or do you recieve as much as only ONE mail in the mailbag per week!
What do you think might be the reason?:
-The youth of this website which does not make it very popular?
-People know everything about StarFox?
-The low popularity of StarFox?
-OR people don't like you?
Whatever is the problem,I sure hope you get much luckier in the future...
Now,about these questions:
1-Have you noticed something strange about how Nintendo® always changes Slippy's voice in every game?In StarFox™,his voice is sort of croaky,and he sortta mummbles at some w-w-words.In StarFox™ 64,his voice has changed from froggish to human,but his voice pinch is so high,some people (especially newbies to StarFox) would actually think he's a girl!In StarFox® Adventures™,his voice became more boyyish but some what rough,as if he's got a sore throat.What the heck is going on here!?Will Nintendo® ever give Slippy a constant voice?
2-How old is Fox and the rest of the StarFox characters?
3-What was that...that THING!?After defeating the real Andross,in StarFox™ 64 at the Venom 2 stage,who comes along to help Fox out of the Core Brain's base is but none other than James McCloud himself!?Was that The Ghoooooost of Jaaaaaaamesssss McClooooooouuuuuuud,or is Fox's father really alive!?Man,who ever heard of a ghost Arwing?Really creepy!!If he really was alive,why do you think he is hiding?
4-(Non-StarFox Question,just for fun)What is the story behind Cream the Rabbit,the new female character who is going to appear in Sonic Advance® 2 on the GameBoy® Advance™?
"Question of the Week"
(That's not right!This question has been going on for two weeks!)
My answer is Corneria!Because:
-Its Fox's home
-It's the first level and the easiest
-In StarFox™,it had the best song!
-It's more beautiful than any other planet in the 'Lylat System'
-And generally,it was more fun than any other planet
Y'know,this website should make a great map of Corneria and its 'hot spots'!
I'll see you,Krunchy
Hope(N Forever) guess is that not enough people know I exist to either hate me or like me....might as well stir up a little controversy....that always get's the mail. HEY YOU! YEAH, YOU! THE GUY NOT SENDING ME MAIL! YOUR MOTHER WAS A HAMSTER AND YOUR FATHER SMELLS OF ELDERBERRIES! And that is that last Monty Python quote you'll get from me for quite some time. On with the questions!

1- Voice talents come and go, in video games as in all things. But it's weird that Nintendo didn't even try to match Slippy's voice in the my guess is that, no, they won't. He'll be played by a different guy each time.
2- Around 21-ish.
3- A stress induced hallucination.
4- I don't know...I've never really been that 'into' the Sonic games.

And with that, another mail bag comes to a close...don't forget to send me mail, as I need it badily. No question this week, as I can't think of one.

Better late than never, or something
Mailbag for 12/2/02

Yeah yeah...I know. It's late. By two days. I'm sorry, but last week was kinda hectic for me...but should be smooth sailing from now on. Or something.

Hello Krunchy
Did you know that as much as you recieve so little mail,I try to support you as much by sending you a certain batch of questions every week!
Now can you answer this batch for me,please...
1-Last week,you mentioned that Fox had a hallucination that he saw his father.How come this "hallucination",as you call it,led Fox in the right way out of the Core Brain's base?
2-Everyone knows that Katt is Falco's girlfriend.Why does Falco deny that?
3-Is Bill Grey a Cornerian or Katinian?I once heard that he and Fox went to the same academy...
4-Is Dinosaur Planet part of the 'Lylat System'?
5-After RareWare™ left for MicroSoft™,do they still receive income from sales of StarFox® Adventures™?
6-Does the 'Bolse' still exist?
7-Y'know,I believe that General Pepper has some...EVIL side!What do you say?
Okay,I'll see you same Krunchy time and same Kunchy place...
Hope(N Forever)

Well, considering how I answer the mail...yeah, I kinda did notice. Thanks a bundle....I am now making you the first offical 'Mailbag Mail-buddy'. There is no point to this, nor is there an actual prize. However, now when people ask you 'Hey, are you the Lylat Wars Mailbag Mail-buddy?' you can answer 'Why yes I am'. Dig it.
1- Luck, luck, more luck, and a friggin' awesome sense of direction.
2- Falco is what would be considered a 'wild spirit' and doesn't want to be tied down with anyone. Despite the fact that Kat like him quite a bit, and the feeling is persumed to be mutual, he will deny it to his death bed.
3- Bill is Cornerian. He was placed on Katin after graduating.
4- I'm gonna say yes to this one...
5- I assume they still are.
6- I'm not, nyaah.
7- Don't be talkin' smack about my pappy like that....

And check this out: We've got two letters this week!

Hello. It's me again, the one who provided the SF2 info a few weeks ago. I couldn't help but notice the mailbag thing wasn't quite taking off. So I have a few rants to help out a bit.

I don't know about you, but my favorite Star Fox is still the original SNES game. It may be a bit clunky by today's standards, but it was just fun. It had the best music and the best atmosphere. Plus, I was always a little bitter that Star Fox 2 (which I drooled over for months) was cancelled, and all I got was a remake.

I do like Star Fox 64, and it was a technical improvement. But for me, it failed to capture the mood and mystique of the original. What do you think?

Maybe that would make a good question-of-the-week. Would you rather see Star Fox 2 on SNES, a sequel to Star Fox 64 (SFA is more of a spin-off) or another remake?

Also, as far as Slippy's voice goes, I do miss his stutter from the original. Although, I didn't think his SF64 voice was as bad as people made it out to be. And in SFA, he just sounds older. Makes sense.


I've always said my favorite SF was the original...for nostagia, if nothing else. It was an awesome game...SF64 always seemed to easy to me.
If they were to release SF2 on SNES, I would run, not walk, to scoop it up on launch day. Or here's a good know the recent Sonic cart that Sega put out for the 'cube? Do the same thing with SF...SF 1 and 2, and SF64...on one disc. My pants tremble in excitment. Or maybe that's the badgers. I never can tell.

And that be it, ladies and gents. Mail, or pain will befall you all.

Especially the Toaster!
Mailbag for 12/7/02

Allow me to be the first to so: Gwarg. Not for any specific reason, but just to say it.

First off, nice to see the site, bout time Star Fox got a touch of respect isn't it?
I would suggest, as far as the site goes, I think a great way to beef up the content factor abit would be to build a collection of Star Fox and SF related images. The visual format of the internet lends itself to such things. I see you've be quite receptive about fan art, but instead of just accepting it, collect it. Fan art, press materials, screen shots, comics, this that and the other. If you recall back far enough, Nintendo Power ran a fairly lengthly Star Fox comic back during the SNES heyday. I took a dive into the ol backissues pile, and found I only had spotty coverage of the collection. Theres another comic you've probably seen here on some Japanese SF site. Anyway, its an idea.
Keep up the good work, and maybe if I'm not so lazy some time I'll whip some SF pics up.

I actually had the entire collection of the SF comics that ran in NP...but those issues have long since been lost in the mires of time. I have been enjoying the fanarts we have been getting...they are all very well done. Which is why I haven't submitted my own...

Hello Krunchy

Tell me,how can a guy like you not cry for getting so little mail in the Mailbag compared to other websites?Hey,I got a little logical theory for ya:You know that it has been eight years since StarFox last defeated Andross,right?Well,I was thinking...and it came to me that-what are we counting here?It is a fact that a 'year' is actually one single revolution of the Earth around the Sun,right?And this revolution has some certain length different from other planets in the Solar System...for example,a year on Saturn means 29.5 years on Earth or a year on Mercury means only 88 days on Earth.What does this have to do with StarFox?A lot!Especially,when we say if the eight years can either be Earth years,Cornerian years or any other planetary years!Where can these years belong to?If it were Corneria,then it may be not the length of time we feel may be longer or even shorter length of time than that we feel.What do you think?
This week's question batch...
1-Y'know,those metallic shoes that the Cornerian Army wear looks very uncomfortable.Do citizens wear 'em too?
2-What's the deal behind the Krazoa Spirits?
3-There is one thing that bugs me about the staff at 'Lylat Wars',you have (or used to have) a guy called Disposbale Hero (he was around before either you or FartRipple).What was the guy's job at the website and where had he gone to (If your not sure,you can still ask raiderfox88)?
4-I wonder when is FartRipple gonna do another article?I haven't seen one in quite a while...
See ya later Krunchy ol' man...
Hope(N Forever)

What many people don't know is that I weep openly every night about the low amount of mail I receive here. See? You've made me cry. You horrible, horrible people.
For the sake of my sanity, and to avoid going into my worst subject (Maths), I'm just going to say that everything is in Earth years. I don't know if it actually is or not, but, darn it, that's what I'm going to say.

1 - They're military issue.
2- I am...not sure. But I mean to find out!
3- Straight from rf88's mouth: 'Dispo', as we call him, was originally assigned the job of writing/maintaining the content here at Lylat Wars. Unfortunately, after a while he pretty much just quit and left the team.
4- That's Farty's stoof...and I don't dabble in the affairs of a guy named FartRipple. [FartRipple and I have been working on some new feature ideas for a while now. Expect some new content from 'em in the near future. --raiderfox]

Welp, kids, that's it. Send mail or I shall cry again.

- Krunchy

Poison under the sink! Tasty poison!
Mailbag for 12/14/02

It's that time of the week again...mail check!

Hello Krunchy'd better get more senders 'cause I'm running out of ideas for the Mailbag....
Hey!Have you noticed something dirty going on?Ever since the release of StarFox® Adventures™,people have started to think differently about StarFox!When some people talk about the game,it is Krystal which comes to mind.Why?It's her "effective" anatomic design!!I observed some people not liking the classical StarFox™ because of its lack of feminism.Then they started arousing interest in the series when StarFox™ 64 was released;Katt Monroe is the centre of the issue conversation.Now,after RareWare™ retained Krystal from their 'axed' Dinosaur Planet™,people started talking about getting more women in more games;in fact,these people are looking foward to see the new-coming 'StarFox' hentai!!What a bunch of perverts they are,eh?Just because characters like Krystal look very 'sexy' (I must admit,she is sure quite...y'know....pretty),they should not forget that the main option in any StarFox game is for a team of four to save a star system from one big,bad monkey!Am I right!?I sure am!Tell me,what do you think of that?
Here's this week's batch:
1-Someone once told me that Fox's full name actually is James "Fox" McCloud Jr.!!Is that true!?
2-I was wondering...when the Almighty Narf is not around in 'Lylat Wars',what does he do?
3-Say!Is Peppy's eye colour red or blue?
4-I wonder,if General Pepper is your 'pappy' on your father's side (I can tell),is your 'pappy' on your mother's side called General Salt?
Have a jolly time,Krunchy!
Hope(N Forever)

Every day is jolly good!
1 - As I understand it, this is true.
2 - Dresses up in tights and a cape and defends Gotham City from the forces of evil! Wait...that's Batman. Nevermind.
3 - Actually, they look brown to me. Meh.
4 - Now your just prying.

And...that's it. I need mail. Badly.So, send me some, won't you?

- Krunchy

I'm wearing my emergency pants!
Mailbag for 12/21/02

Welp...only four more days until Christmas. I got my first present already....another kitty. Named Neko. I'm not very imaginitive.

Hello again, Krunchy.

Well, the Video Game Report Card just gave the industry a big, fat F this year, citing that games have become much more violent and sexually explicit. I guess it's true, but it's not my point. I want to harp about the rating system.

I think the ESRB is going the way of the movie rating system, selecting a rating based more on the target audience than on literal content. For instance, BMX XXX only got an M instead of an AO. Then again, the only difference between them is that M is 17+ and AO is 18+. Wow, one whole year.

But the obaffles baffels me is how Star Fox Adventures got a T. Star Fox 64 was KA (the old version of E), as well as both N64 Zelda games. SFA didn't seem to be any worse than either of those. I don't remember any blood. There was no bad language. Fox doesn't even fight with a sword, just a staff. And bad guys disappear when defeated, just like in Zelda. I went to to look for an explanation. It listed "Animated Blood, Mild Violence." Animated blood? Maybe I just forgot. Where was that again?

I also checked out the rating and descriptor guide to find out the difference between Mild Violence and Zelda's "Animated Violence." Here's what it said:

Mild Violence - Mild scenes depicting characters in unsafe and/or violent situations.

Animated Violence - Cartoon or pixilated scenes depicting animated characters in unsafe and/or violent situations.

"Pixilated scenes?" So, because the Gamecube has better graphical abilities, the anthropomorphic fox is too realistic? Do you think that justifies a leap from E to T?

Personally, I don't have a problem with a video game rating system ...if it works. I thought it worked fobecoming, but now I think it's becomming inappropriate.


P.S. On an unrelated note, SNES Star Fox 2 was apparently done enough to be submitted to the ESRB for evaluation. It was rated KA.

I disagree with a boatlod of the ERSB's ratings...they don't make me a happy camper, so to speak. SFA did not deserve to get a T's just parental 'watchdog' groups have gone haywire with the recent explosion in mature video games (BMX XXX {which should have never been made, in my opinion}, and the GTA games, just to name a couple) and the ERSB is trying to cover its own hide and not offend anyone. Of course, this is just speculation on my part. It also seems that ever since putting out Conker's Bad Fur Day, Rare has been 'blacklighted'...parental groups will be watching them very closely.

And now for a jolly letter from the Mailbag Mail Buddy.

Hello Krunchy
Now that Christmas Day is almost near...I thought I'll make this week's Mailbag a bit special.
Here's are this week's seasonal questions:
1-Is Christmas celebrated on Corneria?
If your answer was either yes or no,still answer me the other questions,
2-What's the best present I can give to each of Fox,Falco,Slippy,and Peppy?
3-How do you think the guys celebrate Christmas?Any women involved?
4-I wonder,does Andross celebrate Christmas?
5-What does General Pepper do if you got a real army seal for Christmas?
Merry Christmas,Krunchy
-Hope(N Forever)

And a jolly yule to you, too!
1 - How about if I answer maybe?
2 - Fox: Hair grooming supplies. That guy's furry.
Falco: ...birdseed, maybe? I dunno. Perhaps ego reducing pills, if they make those.
Slippy: A day pass to the Cornerian Mud Spas.
Peppy: A nice Lay-Z-Rabbit.
3 - As many as they can round up. And the finest Cornerian Ale credits can buy!
4 - He's like Scrooge. On crack. Hell no.
5 - Knowing my pappy, he'd prolly put the poor schmuck to work. Get it...seal? Some times I crack myself up. But not often.

And that would be it...stay tuned next week for The Last Mailbag of the Year!
- Krunchy

You don't know me! You don't know me!

Mailbag for 12/31/02

Yeach not slacking....this is just a SPECIAL New Years edition of the mailbag....yeah...that's what it is...LOOKEY! MAIL! *Runs off*

Hey, Krunchy. I just thought I'd ask you one question. I was reading a message over at the Rare Extreme forum (), and it says that there use to be a Star Fox cartoon. Is this true? I can't find any info on it anywhere. Maybe it was only on in Japan. Well, that's my one question. Thanks.
Cameron the Camel
I have never heard of any Star Fox cartoon....anywhere. I persoanlly think that it's a crock, but I might be wrong. Any more information would be nice.

Hello Krunchy
I say! You're getting more luckier by the each moment!! Although, for me, I don't think I'm lucky at all!! Hey! Do you remember my talk about Earth years and Cornerian years? Well, you know that the New Year is close now... but I have this idea that there will not be any New Year's party anytime soon on Corneria! Why? Because, as I said, Cornerian years may be longer or shorter than we feel here on Earth! So, the guys must have celebrated the New Year long ago or it's just a wee bit early to celebrate! What do you suppose? seems that there is one guy from Nintendo®, who we always forget about, that took part in the making of StarFox series!! Do you remember Katsuya Eguchi? What!? You don't? He's the director of the classical StarFox™ game on the Super Nintendo® Entertaiment System (PAL:™)!! Well, at least that much I know...
Do you know any backgrounds about Eguchi? I mean,what's his story?
You know, I doubt you know anything about him. I say that someone at 'Lylat Wars' must move his lazy butt, and do some research about him. I bet Eguchi must have the most impotant role in creation of StarFox!! I recommend that someone, maybe raiderfox88, should go to Nintendo of America,Inc.'s website and question Dan Owsen (he worked with the English Support crew of the game) and get some information about Eguchi...
Finally, about ESRB's "T"-rating on the StarFox® Adventures™ game. I think the game deserves such a rating, because as many people calling Nintendo®'s games "kiddish" this will somewhat reduce that complaint, and prove that Nintendo®'s games are actually maturing!!
That's all I can produce for now ol' Kunch'. Unfortunately, I made some estimation lately, and discovered that the probability of me sending you some mail next week (or next year) is one to ten!!
All I can say....good luck, Krunchy!
-Hope(N Forever)

Welp, in my opinion, Fox and the gang are going to be drinking their arses off this very night. I know I will.
As for Katsuya Eguchi, I've looked up what I could find, and here it is: In '02. Eguchi worked on Animal Crossing. He also worked on Super Mario World and SF2 in addition to SF. There's prolly more info out there somewhere, I'm too tired to look it up. Huzzah for lathargy!
Pumping up the rating on a game does nothing to increase the 'maturity' of the game itself. If they had slapped an AO rating on Mario Sunshine, would it have made the game any more 'mature'? Not really. It would just mean that kids could not play the game. SFA was, for all means and purposes, a harmless game that received an unfair rating.

And, thus...I leave. See you lot next year, or close there to.
- Krunchy

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