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::Site Staff::

Below you'll find all the hard working space chimps people who make Lylat Wars possible.

Current Staff:

Allen "NooM" Luna - Site Director
Allen Luna is a great guy, YAY! [He told me to put that here - ed.]

Chris - Content Writer, Tech Support, Forum Moderator

Tucker "Air Grady" Grady - Content Writer

Forum Moderators:

Hope(N Forever) - Forum Moderator
Although Hope(N Forever) had lived in the Middle East all of his life - a region where the video game market is considered as the least crucial, video gaming is highly pricy & quite limited, and where 'hardcore gamers' are very rare indeed - that did not stop him from becoming one heck of StarFox fan, let alone being a big Nintendo fanboy! He was one of the earliest members at the forums, and is ranked highly as the best mod there, especially when he knows how to hunt down news and info. His only problem is that he simply lives in the Middle East, and... you get the idea. Hope(N Forever) is also a member of many Nintendo-related forums in and outside GameSpy, and he is currently managing his very own StarFox community at Live Journal. When Hope(N Forever) is not playing games, he puts his artistic ability the max!! Well, not really, but you can still check out his work at his deviantART gallery. He posts some StarFox fanart from time to time as well.

Foxxe - Forum Moderator
Foxxe is usually around the forums at least once a day. When not wasting his time on various boards, he tends to waste it on RPGs and enough SEGA games to try and keep the company afloat.

Retired Staff:

Aretak - News Reporter, Forum Admin
Aretak used to report news for us and administrate the forums. He kept the front page fresh between 2003-2004.

Dan "The Almighty Narf" Whiteman - Site Designer
The Almighty Narf is the dood behind Lylat Wars killer site design [with a little help from raiderfox ;-) -ed.], and plenty of other sites designs, like Chronicles, a website he runs.

Giorgio "raiderfox88" Arcamone - Old-Site Director/Webmaster
Giorgio spends most of his days leveling up in Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II, hunting for a complete set of Modern furniture in Animal Crossing, and counting the days untill the new Star Fox game comes out. A console gamer for many years now, he knows his way around the Lylat System like the back of his hand and has high hopes to make Lylat Wars The Epicenter for everything Star Fox.

Random Fact:


If the original SNES Star Fox was ported to the GBA, would you buy it?

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